fredag 1. august 2014

Gay Propaganda Banknotes from Russia

One of russias most illustrious MP, Roman Khudyakov of the appropriately named Liberal Democratic Party, was worried about gay propaganda on the russian 100-rouble banknote. Mr. Khudyakov pointed ou that: “You can see clearly that Apollo is naked, you can see his genitalia." The banknotes have been in circulation since 1997. 

Gay propaganda? - 100 roubles 1997.
“As bills of that denomination often get into the hands of children as pocket money, I strongly request your help in changing the design of the banknote or otherwise bringing it into accordance with current legislative regulations," he said. The original statue stands in front of the famous Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, and the details was covered up in 2011.

That you need a really good magnifying glass to see the details on the 1 x 1,8 cm depiction of Apollo seems of no concern to the MP.

Russian anti-gay legislation have met with massive protests in more liberal and democratic countries. This case just show how ridiculus homophobic russian politicians have become. Unfortunately our laughter will be muted by the anti-gay bullies who are inspired by such leaders.

In retrospect I would just like to share a picture of another 100-roubles banknote; from 1910. No genitalia is shown, but the boy holding a sword does have a full muscular body that often attract interest by gay men ... and he does seem to have a quite feminine pose.

Not gay propaganda - 100 roubles 1910.
 I guess that the russian national bank takes no risk, and cover up the details on the newer 100-roubles note. Anyway, now it goes into my collection of conspiracies and banknotes. It will find good company with banknotes with supposedly freemason and jewish propaganda.